Products features

Main goals of our products are:





Our products are constantly tested and modified to meet those goals to the highest possible level. Therefore, we use methods that proved to work over the years. We use complex patterns which let us produce protection gear with good level of arm mobility.

As it is commonly known, many products that are available on market at present does not make the use of “high” techniques in long sword combats easy. That is why, we propose our products to you which are designed with the special care paid to the difficult fencing techniques and demanding clients.

Our first products were produced for the needs of Polish groups of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and were especially designed for the use during long sword combat. Because they worked well during fights with long sword, they are also good for fencing with other weapons.

Good mobility during combat and user safety are not the only advantages of our products. It is also the possibility to extend the protection. Our jackets “Fechtschule Gdansk” and “Axel Petterssons Fencing Jacket” may be used as a basic element to protect body and arms but to provide yourself with more safety you can use elbow protectors. Torso and shoulder safety in these types of gambeson is additionally increased to protect against injuries of these body parts.

Almost all of our protection gear may be used independently or with cooperation with other elements to provide additional safeness. For example, as an addition to “Fechtschule Gdansk” gambeson, you may use Body Protector,Padded Skirt, Forearm Protectors etc. On the other hand, you can use those elements independently (without the gambeson).

Some of our products were added new labels.

Included information 350N or 800N mean that the fabrics used to make our products were tested in independent laboratory verifying puncture resistance according to an European EN 13567:2002 regulation.

The fabrics have acquired proper certificates and are characterised by puncture resistance of >350 or >800 Newtons.

Currently there are no quality regulations for HEMA equipment, that is why we ourselves undertake actions which aim to improve our equipment users safety and enhance functionality during combat.

We are taking into consideration all users' suggestions and ideas to make sure that our gear fulfills all of your needs and expectations and lets you maximize the enjoyment of combat!