Terms and Conditions

I. General information.
1. The operator of the service at the address www.histfenc.us is the firm:
"Histfenc USA"
Keith Cotter-Reilly
7784 Thrailkill Rd,
Jonesboro, GA
e-mail address: info@histfenc.us
2. The above service is the invitation for the customers to make offers (thus the prices shown here are not binding until they are confirmed, and the goods combinations are not binding either).
3. Placing an order by the Buyers means they have read the On-line Shop Regulations and commit themselves to obey them.
4. The Seller has the right to change the Regulations at all times and to publish those changes on the service website.
5. The Shop is based in the United States of America and the USA law regulates its principles and the ways of solving disputes.

II. Placing an order.
1. All the prices shown in the Service (www.histfenc.us) are in dollars. Prices shown at www.histfenc.us are only for informational purposes and they are not binding (as the products in the Service are not an trade/sale offer). For those who live in Georgia, a sales tax will be added after the order is received. This tax shall be added to the cost of the order.
2. Entering into a contract:
a) The Buyer places an order through "the cart" on the Service website (you need to sign up for our service).
b) After the order has been checked for any possible mistakes and for the availability of the goods, the Buyer receives a confirmation with the details of the ordered goods, the prices and additional cost payable by the Buyer (transport costs, payment costs) as well as the date of delivery. This confirmation is treated as an offer directed to the Buyer who has 14 days to pay for the ordered goods. If the payment is not made, the offer is cancelled.
c) The offer is accepted by the Seller after it has been paid for.
3. The time of completion of the order is 30 working days unless agreed different with the customer. Time is counted from day of a confirmed payment till the day of sending the goods.
4. The order will be completed in the shortest possible time. The customer can check the state of the order by logging onto our Service website. Posting the goods will be confirmed by an email or by phone call.
5. The good will be delivered by USPS or by Courier, depending on the Buyer's choice.
6. If the parcel is not collected by the Buyer, the Seller has the rights to send it again, adding the additional transport costs.
7. Transport costs are calculated automatically by the Service system and depends on the amount and the price of the ordered goods, as well as the chosen way of delivery. In case when it is not possible to make this automatic calculation, the transport costs will be calculated by the Seller and sent to the Buyer together with the offer.
8. The time of delivery depend on the means of transport and the destination (the country). The Seller is not responsible for the delay caused by the Courier or USPS.

Approximately time of delivery:

Delivery Service USA Outside USA
Parcel Post by USPS 2-9 days lower 48/up to 1 month Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico up to 2 months
Priority Mail by USPS 2-3 days 10-15 working days
Courier Service 1-5 working days 2-7 working days

9. The Buyer is obliged to give all needed measurements in case of clothes. The Shop is not responsible for any mistakes the Buyer might make when taking the measurements.

III. Making the payment.
1. After having received the confirmation from the Seller, payment can be made in one of the following ways:
a) by Credit Card - using the PayPal account. The Seller does not receive the number of the Buyer's credit card. Seller’s PayPal account is info@histfenc.us. The Buyer will receive the payment request from this address. If it is sent from a different account/email address, please contact with the Seller.
b) by Cash or Check - if at an event that the Seller is acting as a vendor.
2. The Buyer has 14 days to make the payment after receiving the bill. If the payment is not made, order will be canceled.

IV. Resignation, returns and making a complaint.
1. The Buyer has the right to return the goods within 10 days from the delivery.
2. The right to return the goods does not refer to tailored clothes and other clothes of the properties specified by the Buyer in the order or connected specifically to that Buyer.
3. In case of return of the goods, the Buyer should send the ordered goods back at his own expense to address of the Seller accompanied by a written declaration of returning the product, with the date, the signature and the instruction how and where the Buyer is expecting the refund (the bank account number or PayPal account). The Buyer does not pay any other costs for making a return.
4. The Buyer can return only new and never used products.
5. The Seller declares that he takes into consideration all the returns results from the product working wrongly, but not because of the incorrect use.
6. The Shop does not take any responsibility for the wrong size of clothes or other fitted products resulting from the mistakes made by the Buyer when taking measurements or if the Buyer change his sizes while using the products. The buyer will be charged for the alternations referred to these two problems.
7. The complaint will be acknowledged when the Buyer sends the faulty product to the Seller by the means of transport agreed with the Seller accompanied by a description of its fault or faulty functioning. Having acknowledged the complaint, the Seller commits himself to repairing the fault. If that is not possible to be done or if the costs of repairing are too high, the Seller will exchange the faulty product for a new one and will send it to the Buyer within 14 workdays. The Seller will also refund the transport costs the Buyer has paid, the way of doing it will be agreed with the Buyer. The 14-day period of a complaint is counted from the day the Seller receives the faulty product. The repair period may be extended in case the materials needed are unavailable and need to be sent over.
8. In case when it is not possible to exchange the faulty product for a new one, the Seller will offer the Buyer another product of a similar property or will refund the price of the product together with the transport costs. The way of doing this will be agreed with the Buyer.
9. For the Buyer's Welfare the Seller will do all his best when dealing with the return and the complaint.
10 .If the Buyer send back the faulty product by an expensive courier without consulting it with the Seller, the Seller may refuse to refund the transport costs.
11. The refund will be made within 14 days counting from the day the Seller receives the faulty product.
12. All the correspondence concerning returns, complaints and resignation from the order should be sent to: info@histfenc.us .

V. Special offers and discounts.
1. There may be discounts in the prices for resellers (discount counted individually).
2. Discounts do not refer to products on special offers.
3. The Seller takes into consideration the value of all the products (even these on special offers) when qualifying the order for a discount. If the order has a discount because of its amount, the discount is calculated only for the products which are not on a special offer.
4. The Seller declares that the emails with information about new products or special offers will not be sent more often than once a month

VI. Personal data protection.
1. "Histfenc.us" commits itself to protecting personal data made available by the Buyer during registration process. The Buyer has the right to access his data and the right to change it or delete it.
2. In order to edit, change or delete his data, the Buyer needs to log into his account with the service. It is also possible to ask the administrator of the service to delete the data. To do so the Buyer needs to send a declaration saying that he would like his data to be deleted from the service. This declaration can be also sent from the email address registered with the system to the address: info@histfenc.us.
3. The administrator of personal data of the shop is Keith Cotter-Reilly "Histfenc.us".
4."Histfenc.us" will be processing the Buyer's personal data only to realize the order and for statistical and marketing reasons, without giving them to other people.
5.When being paid through PayPal system the Seller does not receive any information about the Buyer's Credit/Debit Cards. "PayPal" is responsible for security of this data.