Longpoint 2014

Longpoint 2014

Join us for Longpoint 2014, starting July 17th at Turf Valley outside of Baltimore, MD! Here are a list of items currently being worked out by the Longpoint staff:

-An extra half day Thursday afternoon/night. This will allow us to get some preliminary fights and competitions out of the way, freeing up more time on the weekend.

-The tournament and class time will be mostly split up with Tournaments being Thursday Afternoon to Saturday and classes being Saturday - Sunday.

-Another room almost as large as the main ballroom has been added to the contract to allow for better separation of activities.

-We will be repeating the four longer Workshops supplemented by shorter classes.

-A separate full (Thursday - Sunday) and classes (Saturday - Sunday) registration price for those who are not interested in participating in the tournaments.

-The following competitions are being discussed: Bring-Your-Own-Sword Open Steel Longsword, BYOS Women's Steel Longsword, Open Nylon Longsword, Single-stick, Longsword Cutting, Historical Longsword Ruleset (TBD), and a competition focusing on the plays from the manuals.

We will be releasing more information over the next couple months, with registration opening in December for the holidays.


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